Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chastity: I Need To Know (CDM) (Alpha Records, 1998)

Another quite obscure pressing from Alabama in the late 90s. The title track is velvety smooth R&B while the second more upbeat track Don't Waste My Time sounds a little like its remix. The label Alpha Records was responsible for only one other artist that I know about, a southern rap artist named Terry D. According to the back of his own release, which was released a year later, Chastity was to release a further song Longing 4U (featuring Terry D) but I don't know if it was ever actually released or not. These days she goes by her birth name Chastity Crews or nickname Chay Crews and is still quite active in the music biz.You can check out her latest work on Sound Cloud and on You Tube...

Just remember you heard it here first. 

I Need To Know 4:01
I Need To Know (Remix) 3:55
Don't Waste My Time 3:55
Don't Waste My Time (Instrumental) 3:48