Friday, March 11, 2016

3 Dvyne: S/T (Full Code Recordings, 2005)

An obscure teenage trio from Charleston, South Carolina and a mixture of hip hop, R&B and urban pop with both crunk and gospel influences. They originally got their start performing in church concerts and talent shows under the moniker 'The Brokenbrough Sisters' but changed their name to 3 Dvyne for this album, of which they were all under 16 for the recording of. These days I have no idea if they are still active in the mainstream R&B arena or not but as of 2009 they are back performing as 'The Brokenbrough Sisters'.

3 Dvyne 3:26
Get Crunk 4:20
So Over You 3:19
Prelude 0:52
I Will Sing 2:49
Oh Boy 3:30
Knocking 2:52
Living Without You 5:01
Mary Don't Cry 4:19
Bad Girls 0:21
Bad Boys 3:44
Tell Me You Want Me 4:45

NOTE: No longer available on CD Baby but it seems it is still available as a digital download on pay-site emusic.