Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stephanie Jones: Day By Day (S2K Music, 2003)

Another obscure title from a Canadian artist, this time self-released in 2003. I don't know if it spawned any singles back then but in 2012 the song Day By Day was available on Canadian iTunes. I don't know why it took the artist almost ten years to release it but it seems she re-recorded it and turned it into a soft-rock type song instead. Back then she was more influenced by the teen "urban explosion" which was popular at the time, notably Christina Milian, JoJo and others.Very well produced and radio-friendly even, there is no information about this disc anywhere. It may well be a private demo although I don't know for certain. I came across it purely by chance. Sadly she no longer appears to be active though she has since uploaded a video to the song Day By Day to YouTube.

Day By Day 3:23
Untouchable 3:48
Better Than That 2:44
Going Gone 3:17
Love Me Again 3:37
With Or Without You 3:26
Admit It 3:32
Spanish Romance 4:15
Day By Day (Remix) Featuring Emotionz 4:03
I Wanna Featuring Lil Dee 4:13*

*by another artist Lil Dee and features Jones only the hook. Both Lil Dee and Emotionz (featured on track 9) are Vancouver-area rappers.