Monday, February 15, 2016

La Tre: I Am A Survivor (Dymanic Ellite Records, 2000)

Another obscure release from Michigan and yet another one that unfortunately eludes me. For whatever reason it comes packaged in a slim jewel case but this is a full album, mainly late 90s contemporary R&B with hip hop and neo soul influences. Track 4 was obviously influenced by Zap & Roger's song of the same name while track 7 bears more than a passing resemblance to Mariah Carey's Through The Rain, even down to the lyrics in the chorus. Considering this album was out two years prior to this, I am wondering whether or not Carey might've happened on it and used it as an inspiration of sorts. 

Let's Fly Away 4:00
The Right One 3:35
Are You Ready to Love Me 3:27
Computer Love 3:16
Whatcha Gonna Do 4:07
Sexy Sexy 3:10
Survivor 5:28
Show Me Love 4:56
Never Leave Me Lonely 4:40
Whatcha Gonna Do (Spanish remix) 4:30