Monday, February 15, 2016

Kenisha: Believe In Yourself (Jam'G Productions, 2003)

From Oakland CA, another obscure indie release but thankfully one that does have an online presence of sorts.The website for the label Jam'G Productions is still active although they have not had any new artists since 2007. The label owner and producer Jam'G (James Tall) is a musician in his own right and has a few albums under his belt on CDBaby. The artist Kenisha Fisher sadly doesn't seem to be active anymore though the liner notes to this CD say she was inspired by Brandy and the late Aaliyah. Mainly a very upbeat R&B album with hip hop and G-Funk influences.

Interview with Kenisha by Rick Camacho 2:46
Why U Wanna 3:14
HA-LLAA 4:02
Play It 3:25
Meant 2 B 4:01
2 Night 3:35
Club Lady 2:52
I'm Sorry 3:04
Believe In Yourself 3:23
Got It Like That 4:15
I Wonder 3:40
Who's That Girl 3:48
I Won't Be There 3:54
Play It (Acappella Verersion) 2:38