Wednesday, February 17, 2016

J Parker: Feel Da Funk (EP) (Mega-Fidelity Records, 199x)

As a rule, I don't usually pay much attention to male R&B artists but I could not pass up on this hidden rarity that I found on Amazon. The more hard core collectors need not worry; I don't intend to ever spend a lot of money on male artists but I do respect an amazing deal when I see it. The label Mega-Fidelity Records was based out of Augusta, GA in the 90s and was responsible for a handful of local artists back then, mostly as a way of promoting them to major labels for consideration. Unfortunately many of these releases are long out-of-print and presently only a CD by an alternative rock artist called Kat Turner is widely available. Sadly I don't know the above guy's story but his style is synonymous of mid-to-late 90s R&B, particularly from male artists and groups such as Joe, Usher, Boyz II Men and others. Mostly smooth contemporary R&B with the exception of track 5 which is a southern bass-styled track and its techno remix (8) which is pretty much identical to the original but for some alternate instrumentation in the hook and a slightly sped-up beat. Brilliantly sung and produced; this guy and his producers are obviously professionals.

Another mega rarity brought to you by Persnickety...just remember you heard it here first. 

Can You Feel This Funk 4:59
Don't You Know 4:30
Let's Groove To It 3:46
Friday 4:13
Shake It, Shake It 2:45
Can You Feel This Funk (Rap Edit) 5:02
Shake It, Shake It (Extended Edit) 4:12
Shake It, Shake It (Techno Dance Edit) 4:14