Thursday, February 25, 2016

4 Keeps: Give It To Me (CDM) (Showtime Records, 1994)

After primarily focusing on female R&B groups from the early 2000s, I now intend - beginning with this New Jack Swing quartet from 1994 - to explore some of the earlier indie ones from the 90s. The producer Walter "Mucho" Scott was formally in the group Basic Black and was responsible for a few minor hits back then including Riff's Judy Had A Boyfriend (1993) and Blackgirl's 90s Girl (1994.) Unfortunately it appears that this is the only thing the above group ever did but does have an honorable mention in Billboard magazine (9/8/95 issue), where it was described as a "retro-funk-laced shuffler." Probably the best non-commercial New Jack Swing tune from a female group I have heard thus far, it has a hook to die for.

Give It To Me (Radio) (Ext) 5:42
Give It To Me (Radio) 4:33
Give It To Me (T.V. Mix) 4:33
Give It To Me (Inst.) 4:31
Give It To Me (Acapella) 4:32
Give It To Me (Acapella) (Ext) 5:40