Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tenderoni: Advance (Yab Yum/Elektra, 1998)

Yet another failed project from Tracey Edmonds' Yab Yum camp and not surprising, Elektra Records in the late 90s. Based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, this quartet first began as an indie R&B group signed to Hawaiian label Hi Town Records in 1995. They released one album titled Westside Harmony before they were discovered and signed to Yab Yum by Tracey Edmonds, the then-wife of Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds. They were to record a new album but only ever recorded one song Baby I for the Soulfood soundtrack and
then in the same fashion as soloist Beverly Crowder, disappeared as quickly as they came. Truthfully I don't know how authentic this item - purported to be their unreleased album - is. Aside from Baby I, it includes all the exact same songs - the exact same recordings - as Westside Harmony. Either Tracey Edmonds and her husband didn't really make much of an effort with this group or it is a cleverly crafted bootleg. The difference in the production between the newer song and the older stuff is just too noticeable. A new arrangement of a few songs maybe but not the whole entire album as it was. As quoted by one of the writers back in '97 "the song Babyface writes for the soundtrack will set the tone for the album." Either way, not as poppy as work by fellow Hawaiian groups such as Forte and Reality and more in line with 90s contemporary R&B music. Such a pity that they went nowhere.

Baby I 4:14
In A Distance 4:26
Songbird 3:43
Don't Ask My Neighbor 3:59
It's Not Too Late For Love 3:37
Precious Moments 4:13
Lovers Never Say Goodbye 3:06
Let It Go 3:31
Coolikedat 4:26
Back Da 2 Da Groove 4:11
Let's Stay Together 3:59
Hold Tight 1:57