Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nicci Gilbert: Grown Folks Music (Advance) (MCA, 2002)

Despite what a few people on a certain music database website choose to believe, here is another full-length project that was shelved during this early 2000s. Originally one of the founding members of the R&B group Brownstone in the mid 90s, Gilbert was to follow in the footsteps of Charmayne Maxwell and Kina Cosper by going solo in 2002. A capable songwriter, initially she wrote the content that would become her debut for other artists but MCA Records offered her a deal to record it herself and so she did. Well sort of. After one
single My Side Of The Story which was serviced to radio stations only in 2002, MCA Records was shortly dissolved and the entire project went into the recycling bin. In 2005, she acquired the rights to her masters and released it herself via her own company Brownstone Music Group, LLC, but some songs, I am guessing, she was unable to take with her or she chose not to use by personal choice. The uptempo club tracks Hot Spot and Headlights do not appear on this version and instead are replaced by 3 other tracks Stop Messin' Around, Hint Of Love and It Is What It Is. Sadly I am unsure who the producers were on either version but the principal writer was of course Gilbert herself. Another good album that was almost lost to us forever and considering MCA's track record with artists such as Mary J. Blige and Chante Moore, I can honestly say that I am surprised at them for letting it slip away...

My Side Of The Story 3:59
Woman In Need 4:18
Think Again 3:50
Summer 5:00
This Woman 5:27
I Got It Bad 4:55
Hot Spot 3:23
I Can't Forget (Feels So Good) 4:10
Headlights 3:13*
R&B Interlude 3:06
Grey Skies 4:49
She'll Never Love You 4:24
Down With This 5:34

*features an appearance from a unknown male rapper who sounds very similar to Lil' Jon although I am not 100 percent certain that it is.

NOTE: As a 10+ year submitter to the Discogs community I have always striven to bring the most accurate information as possible, not only to my own submissions but to others as well. That is why I was not amused when I became embroiled in a disagreement with a few other users about whether or not to remove a second submission that somebody had made for this item stating that it was released. For whatever bizarre reason some people out there - people don't even listen to this type of music - are convinced that both me and the artist herself are wrong and that the MCA version was released after all. Needless to say it wasn't so please ignore this rouge submission on Discogs. I have tried to have it removed but people who listen to The Beatles and Elvis Presley obviously know more about the music I listen to than I do. Only 2 versions of this album exist. The MCA promo which was not released in any way, shape or form and the version that Gilbert released herself.