Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lyrics: Attitude (Unreleased) (Sony Epic/550 Music, 1997)

Mega rare unreleased project from a female vocal trio that was signed to Sony's 550 Music division in the late 90s. Billboard Magazine described them as a 'seductive cross between SWV and Zhane.' while their only single Summertime (pictured above) was peddled as the summer anthem of '97. Sadly, in the fashion of many R&B acts in the late 90s/early 2000s, they disappeared without a trace and nothing has been heard
from them since. Aside from one review of their single Summertime in Billboard's 7/5/97 issue, there is a complete void of information on them but apparently they did record an album titled Attitude which has since gone on to gain prominence in the indie R&B scene. Mainly smooth, melodic R&B jams with funky and jazzy overtones, it featured production from Derek "LA" Jackson who was formally instrumental for developing the careers of hip hop legends such as Marly Marl and Warren G. Why Mottola passed on them I do not know but this was around the same time that the label signed Mariah's Crave Records quartet Allure to their roster. One obviously had to take priority over the other and although Allure were an excellent R&B group in their own right their music was predominantly aimed at fans of Carey. A big mistake on Epic's part but not the last female R&B group to be shelved by them unfortunately. At the turn of the millennium they passed on Rodney Jerkins' quartet So Plush.

Crusin' 4:34
Summertime 4:13
Feel Good 4:41
Casanova Brown 5:15
Constantly 4:36
Attitude 4:26
Blue Water 4:32
Ghetto Love 4:51
Party Time 3:20
The Family Song 5:05
Big League 4:00
Big League (With Rap) 3:31