Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dani Stevenson: Advance (Promo CDr) (Universal, 200x) (Original post from 1/20/16)

Another lost gem, this time from Universal Records artist Dani Stevenson, who was mostly known for providing the hook to Nelly's 2002 hit Hot In Herre and for her own single Honk Your Horn, which was written and produced by Missy Elliott. Layering jazz-type vocals over hip hop beats and horn samples, Stevenson's style was unique yet contemporary. Sadly she was just one of many who got the short end of the stick from the very beginning from the same people who allowed the likes of JoJo and Lumidee to go platinum. When Honk Your Horn failed to reach the giddy heights they hoped, the record company, in their infinite wisdom, delayed the release of a further single for a almost an entire year. Paired up with the obvious lack of promotion, this was pretty much a career sinker for any artist. Stevenson's debut album, originally titled Is There Another?, was pushed back until her departure from the label in 2004, by which then it was shelved completely. Here it is in its entirety, albeit without the title. No date of issuance but assuming 2002 or possibly 2003. I don't know how many tracks Elliott had a hand in producing but at least one more (Jungle Up In Here) was produced by her frequent collaborator Bink. Another super exclusive brought to you by Persnickety...just remember you heard it here first. 

Intro 1:39
Yo, Yo, Yo, 3:38
Bogus 4:15
What Would You Do 4:32
Fed Up 4:21
Still In Love 4:10
Fever 3:33
My Bad 3:42
Is There Another 4:47
Honk Your Horn feat. Missy Elliot 3:51
Hot Like Fire feat. Mr Cheeks 4:05
Jungle Up In Here 4:16
Outro 1:15