Saturday, January 9, 2016

B.G.O.T.I.: Bad Girlz of the Industry (Unreleased) (Motown, 1995)

An acronym for Bad Girls of The Industry, the above quartet was yet another short-lived R&B/Swing group from the 90s and I am guessing were modeled after an earlier (male) R&B quartet Badd Boys of the Industry. Unlike the former group I posted Lyrics, there are at least some pictures of them available although information is very thin on the ground to the point of being non-existent. A mixture of soul, New Jack Swing and old skool rap, I can't find a single article that mentions them anywhere but they only ever released one single and then shortly after signed to Death Row Records where again they seemed to go nowhere. They have at least one album's worth of material that went unreleased from their time at Motown (had a proposed cat# of 314530567-2 as per the inlay to their single) and possibly another with Death Row although I am not 100% certain.

Frontin 4 Yo Homies 3:33
Everyday Thang 3:03
Ain't Goin On 3:05
Trick On Da Side 3:26
Can't Get Over You 5:09
Whip It 5:03
Got To Get My Groove On 3:51
Give Me Your Lov-N 3:30
Twinkle 4:33
Didn't Blow Your Mind 3:56
Slow Jam 4:51
I Had To Let Him Go 5:07