Sunday, January 10, 2016

Angel Sessions: Here I Go Again (Self-Released, 2002)

Scarce third effort from R&B-turned gospel artist Angel Sessions. She began as a more ballad-heavy crooner in the late 90s with her first two efforts Introducing and Love Ride but in 2002 recorded a more uptempo third effort Here I Go Again which at one point was available to purchase via the original site. After the site was brought out in 2003, the format changed drastically and many of the original content was deleted in favor of supporting major label slop. After a round of warfare with Universal Records and many other big labels though, the site turned into what is is nowadays - an inferior knock off of Last.Fm. Angel Sessions was just one of many independent artists who lost out here. Her album, which at one point was probably available to buy for under ten bucks, is now a super rarity...

Open Your Eyes 3:33
S.E.X.Y. 3:57
I'm Who I Am 3:15
You're Still The Same 3:41
Hasta La Vista (Bye, Bye) 4:31
Tha Bomb 4:34
What Goes Around 3:30
Clean Your Act Up Now 4:06
Give My Love A Try 3:15
Make Up Your Mind 3:25
I Got Eyes 4 U 3:27
Here I Go Again 4:28
4Ever Mine 4:31

Unacceptable by today's standards, also includes a 128kbps copy of the album on a separate data portion.