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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tenderoni: Advance (Yab Yum/Elektra, 1998)

Yet another failed project from Tracey Edmonds' Yab Yum camp and not surprising, Elektra Records in the late 90s. Based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, this quartet first began as an indie R&B group signed to Hawaiian label Hi Town Records in 1995. They released one album titled Westside Harmony before they were discovered and signed to Yab Yum by Tracey Edmonds, the then-wife of Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds. They were to record a new album but only ever recorded one song Baby I for the Soulfood soundtrack and

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Natalie Ravera: Sola (Groove Music Canada, 2003)

On the Groove Music Canada label, another obscure female artist from the early 2000s. A teen R&B/pop singer in the same vein as Christina Millian and Ashley Ballard, Ravera released two singles Higher Love and 88-69, the former of which made it on to Canada Music Week's Rising Stars CD. Unfortunately, I don't think her music ever left Canada although she does appear briefly as a dancer in the 2003 film Honey

N.A.T.A.L.I.E. 3:57
Like That 3:58
Right Here 3:58
Only One 4:01
88-69 3:52
Oh No 3:55
Everything 4:01
Free 4:02
Higher Love 3:53
Like That (Remix) 3:59
Interlude 0:53
So Addictive 3:38
Sola 4:06
Free (Remix) 3:47
88-69 (Remix) 3:53

NOTE: Track 3 is a cover of the SWV song of the same name.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Delya: Mr Do Right (Promo EP) (Record Row 2 Music Group, 2000)

2 previously unreleased tracks from Little Rock, Arkansas native Delya Chandler who, along with CoCo Short, Shanica Bell and Joy Normond, is now a contemporary Christian artist. Her only album Breakthrough was released in 2007 but this demo - for a Chicago based company Record Row 2 Music Group - was recorded in 2000. The title track is Northern soul while the second track is early 2000s contemporary R&B to the fullest. Both are produced by Chicago-based musician Erik Hammond of the rap duo Traffixx. His partner Antoine Larkins AKA Captu Colioney makes an appearance on tracks 3 through 5.

Mr Do Right (Radio Edit) 4:29
Mr Do Right (Smooth Remix) 4:28
Just Because (Radio Edit) 3:32
Just Because (Low Mix) 3:32
Just Because (Instrumental Mix) 3:32

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quanisha: S/T (QT Entertainment, 200x)

More indie R&B from the mid-2000s with NJ artist Quanisha. Formally a member of the Disney Tune Troop, she got her start in the biz opening for the lesser-talented Britney Spears before releasing her own album in 2008. With influences ranging from Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Lupe Fiasco and Lauryn Hill, it is primarily mid-2000s EDM R&B but she pulls off a cover of The Isley Brother's 1975 song Make Me Say to excellent effect. Sadly I don't know what she up to these days but she was in the middle of recording a follow-up album Out Her Space (due 2014) which may not have been released.

Game Ova 3:36
Official 3:39
First Move 3:40
Fire 3:32
Hott Jell 3:32
Oh 3:32
All For You 3:40
Rock Yo Body 3:34
You Didn't Love Me (At All) Ntro 0:32
You Didn't Love Me (At All) 3:46
Make Me Say 5:15
Ice Cream Girl 3:28
Hott (Dj Buzzard Rethought) 6:28
Make Me Say (Unplugged) 5:12

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Angel Sessions: Here I Go Again (Self-Released, 2002)

Scarce third effort from R&B-turned gospel artist Angel Sessions. She began as a more ballad-heavy crooner in the late 90s with her first two efforts Introducing and Love Ride but in 2002 recorded a more uptempo third effort Here I Go Again which at one point was available to purchase via the original Mp3.com site. After the site was brought out in 2003, the format changed drastically and many of the original content was deleted in favor of supporting major label slop. After a round of warfare with Universal Records and many other big labels though, the site turned into what is is nowadays - an inferior knock off of Last.Fm. Angel Sessions was just one of many independent artists who lost out here. Her album, which at one point was probably available to buy for under ten bucks, is now a super rarity...

Open Your Eyes 3:33
S.E.X.Y. 3:57
I'm Who I Am 3:15
You're Still The Same 3:41
Hasta La Vista (Bye, Bye) 4:31
Tha Bomb 4:34
What Goes Around 3:30
Clean Your Act Up Now 4:06
Give My Love A Try 3:15
Make Up Your Mind 3:25
I Got Eyes 4 U 3:27
Here I Go Again 4:28
4Ever Mine 4:31

Unacceptable by today's standards, also includes a 128kbps copy of the album on a separate data portion.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

B.G.O.T.I.: Bad Girlz of the Industry (Unreleased) (Motown, 1995)

An acronym for Bad Girls of The Industry, the above quartet was yet another short-lived R&B/Swing group from the 90s and I am guessing were modeled after an earlier (male) R&B quartet Badd Boys of the Industry. Unlike the former group I posted Lyrics, there are at least some pictures of them available although information is very thin on the ground to the point of being non-existent. A mixture of soul, New Jack Swing and old skool rap, I can't find a single article that mentions them anywhere but they only ever released one single and then shortly after signed to Death Row Records where again they seemed to go nowhere. They have at least one album's worth of material that went unreleased from their time at Motown (had a proposed cat# of 314530567-2 as per the inlay to their single) and possibly another with Death Row although I am not 100% certain.

Frontin 4 Yo Homies 3:33
Everyday Thang 3:03
Ain't Goin On 3:05
Trick On Da Side 3:26
Can't Get Over You 5:09
Whip It 5:03
Got To Get My Groove On 3:51
Give Me Your Lov-N 3:30
Twinkle 4:33
Didn't Blow Your Mind 3:56
Slow Jam 4:51
I Had To Let Him Go 5:07

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lyrics: Attitude (Unreleased) (Sony Epic/550 Music, 1997)

Mega rare unreleased project from a female vocal trio that was signed to Sony's 550 Music division in the late 90s. Billboard Magazine described them as a 'seductive cross between SWV and Zhane.' while their only single Summertime (pictured above) was peddled as the summer anthem of '97. Sadly, in the fashion of many R&B acts in the late 90s/early 2000s, they disappeared without a trace and nothing has been heard

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ladi Lyke: 3-Track Sampler (Promo CDr) (Bow Tie Entertainment, 2003)

Ultra rare demonstration CD-R from independent R&B duo Ladi Lyke. The duo, who were sisters, released one EP in 2004 which is still being sold as a digital download (I have posted the CD here.) The title track Goonz made made number 34 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart but they have not released anything else since. Though track 2 would later go on to become track 3 on their EP, the remaining 2 tracks on the above CD-R were not released. I don't know if they would've eventually made it on to their album but they do have a similar smooth Chicago R&B sound. Another Jewel Case Heaven exclusive... just remember you heard it here first!

I Can't Resist 4:17
Love Of My Life 3:26
Good Lover 4:00

Friday, January 1, 2016

Ora: Demos (Blacklisted 4 Lyfe Records, 1999) (Unreleased)

Filipino-Canadian group Ora were one of the first independent R&B groups that I posted back during the summer and quickly became one of my favorites. Born at a time when Filipinos were just beginning to make their mark on the R&B world and much like the Bay Area quartet Premiere who were active in the mid 90s, they shunned the usual Pinoy Pop formula and embraced a more Americanized contemporary R&B sound. Briefly signed to Ontario-based label Blacklisted 4 Lyfe Records in the late 90s, they released one EP