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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Dynasty - A NuHouse Compilation (CD Comp) (NuHouse Records, 2000)

More great urban music from the second place after Chi-Town to have a bustling underground R&B scene. From Detroit, MI.... more top quality R&B that you probably haven't heard of before and found exclusively on the above compilation from the turn of the millennium. Sort of appearing like a sampler of sorts, altogether there are 2 songs each by 7 different artists dabbling in hardcore hip hop and R&B. The first artist of interest, Roskó, is a smooth male artist who combines R&B with visuals "...As you listen to his smooth yet strong

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sir 'tifyde: Freak The Phone (EP) (MoStar Records, 1997)

Another obscure male artist - from Godfrey IL - that I know absolutely nothing about but despite the hip hop alias, all 4 tracks on his EP are smooth, sexy male R&B at its best complete with phat talkboxes, female rappers and even a bit of early Brandy Norwood (check out the partial interpolation of I Wanna Be Down in track 4's pre-chorus).

Just recently sold for $167 on eBay...just remember where you heard it first.

Freak The Phone 3:20
Love Me 4:22
California 4:31
Bad Girl 3:28

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Shontae: I Believe I Can Fly (CDS) (Nu Groov Music, 1997)

Although it sounds almost identical to the original, the above singer - from NC - did a good performance of this well-known song. Unfortunately I don't know if she ever recorded anything else back then but she released a gospel album in 2004 titled I'm Determined. 

I Believe I Can Fly 5:15
I Believe I Can Fly (Instrumental) 5:13

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Shaquenta: Tha Solo Project (Twin Labels Records, 2004)

A very short but sweet first effort from Dallas singer Shaquenta whose limited range puts her in the Ashanti-class of female vocalists although without her annoying habit of trying too hard. Mostly a mixture of mellow cuts and garish electro-hop tunes (think Ciara on the way back machine), I don't know much about her but I am inclined to believe that maybe she started out as a supporting singer on the underground Dallas rap scene.

Step 2 Me 3:26
Interlude 0:30
Come Into My World 4:00
Fantasy 3:33
Radio Skit 0:41
D-Town Swing featuring ICE and Knack 3:51
Freak Me featuring McNastee 3:46
Check Out My Gurls featuring Tajuana Ray 3:29
So Long 4:09
Ghetto Love Poem 3:13
Lula Lee Pea 0:22
I Won't Complain 3:12

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ebonée: The Odysey (EP) (RF Productions Ltd., 200x)

A further super obscure pressing out of Irvington, NJ that I cannot find a scrap of information on. It contains 2 main tracks It's Me, Baby and Conspiracy which are of the modern soul-blues genre with real instruments and one remix of the earlier track which is 90s quiet-storm R&B at its best. All songs were were written by the artists herself and appear in the BMI repertoire credited to Jackie Denise Fields. She wrote 33 songs in total so the possibility of other projects looks quite likely. No date of release but the mention of the 'new millennium' in the intro possibly points to the year 2000 or 1999 at the earliest. Once again many thanks to my good friend Stuaaart for the exclusivity. Maybe one day we'll find her whole album.

Intro 0:45
It's Me, Baby (Original) 4:58
Conspiracy 3:34
It's Me, Baby (Remix) 4:49
It's Me, Baby (Remix Instrumental) 4:46
It's Me, Baby (Instrumental) 4:08

Tani: See Your Face (Self-released, 2000)

Not a massive fan of gospel but this is an amazingly smooth album and so deserves a mention here. Not really church-y in the slightest but more of a mixture of quiet storm soul and contemporary R&B with soft, calming vocals. Unfortunately I don't know much about the artist but she hails from Flint, Michigan.

Trust In Me 4:37
When Will It Stop 4:36
See Your Face 4:52
Never Lose Sight 5:23
Jesus Can You Hear Me 4:20
The Setting Sun (A Cappella) 2:50
Better Day 4:15
Finally 5:06
Just A Friend 4:35
Bended Knee 4:41
Dancing With The Angels 4:37

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kléo: Don't Waste My Time (SLV/Raging Bull Records, 1995)

An in-yo'-face blend of 90s street soul and New Jack Swing, the only album from native Las Vegan Kléo, who achieved some minor Billboard success in the mid 90s with her cover of The S.O.S. Band's Tell Me If You Still Care. Unfortunately despite this her music career still remained pretty underground but her flawless looks have, at different points, led her to a stint as a showgirl, a spokes model for Caesar's Palace Resort & Casino and a Playboy bunny.

Tell Me 4:07
Girl Talk 0:12
You're Working Me 3:53
I Got Love 4:28
In Your Dreams 3:57
Respect 0:09
Inside Me 3:48
Don't Waste My Time 3:47
Thangs & Stuff 0:06
Just Chillin' 4:35
The Love In You 3:52
Wet Lips 3:55
I'll Be Gone 3:31
On The Serious Tip 0:15

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Indonesia: Do Thangz (Promo CDM) (EMI Records, 1994)

Along with NKRU and Ladies 1st, here is yet another 90s R&B/New Jack Swing group that sadly went nowhere despite being hyped by their label as bringing a "fresh street perspective to R&B music." Unfortunately, there was no shortage of groups like this during the early to mid 90s (SWV, TLC to name a few) and although it got a positive review from Billboard Magazine (April 22nd, 1994 issue) and made a noticeable impact on the Hot R&B Singles chart, these "sassy chirping street dolls" quickly followed the others back into obscurity. The above song - a chilled West Coast vibe - never made it off the radio (meaning it was never distributed to the general public) but a video to the song must've been made as it did appear on MTV's on-demand station The Box. Again such a shame that they went nowhere. Like many other R&B groups and singers during the 90s and early 2000s, it seems they were just around to fill that given year's quota for black and urban music.Many thanks again to Stuaaart for this great score!

Radio Edit (No Rap) 3:36
Album Version 3:55
Indo Mix 3:37

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sweet Success: Forever Lover (CDM) (Gyspsy Record Co., 1993)

Further indie from the Great Lakes with this super obscure new jack swing/rap duo from Muskegon Heights, MI. Rapped with partially sung hooks and backing vocals, they are pretty similar to other outfits in this genre I've posted such as Flyy Gyrlz, Out Uv Kontrol and others signed to Wrap Records in the early to mid 90s. The title track is smooth R&B with male backing vocals while the b-side track is a more in-your-face new jack swing/rap number along the lines of early TLC. Not a promo as far as I can tell but most likely a local-only release. You probably won't find many of these discs outside of their home state.

Forever Lover (Radio Mix) 3:42
Forever Lover (Extended Mix) 5:24
Forever Lover (Echo-pella Mix) 3:33
Forever Lover (Instrumental) 5:25
Two Can Play That Game (Radio Mix) 4:04
Two Can Play That Game (Instrumental) 3:35
Two Can Play That Game (Break-down Mix) 1:54

Total Look & The Style: Room 252 (Promo CDM) (Rush Associated Labels/Columbia, 1992)

From 90s rap mogul Chuck D, a further female group - from Dayton, Ohio - that existed for only one single. The song - a smooth & infectious lite funky groove - made it into Billboard's "New & Noteworthy" section but despite being shared between Chuck's newly formed label P.R.O. Division, Russell Simmons' Rush Associated Labels and Motolla's Columbia division, it never became a hit and to this day not many people know about it or them. Their album Do Some Damage was not released but a track-listing can be found on CDUniverse where it seems to have an erroneous listing for some reason. Hazarding a guess at the style, I would say New Jack Swing/90s Rap similar to this group.

Radio-Video Version 3:52
The Smoothed Big Beat Flow 3:45
Caught With A Turbo Mix 3:47
High Powered Caught In The Act Dub 3:48

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Di'mond: So Amazing (UK VLS) (A.T. Records. 199x)

Further release from obscure British R&B artist Di'mond. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about her but I believe she might've been signed to UK label Dome Records at one point as the above song appeared on their UK Flava compilation from 1999. As with her previous song, the production is smooth late 90s R&B and comes backed with the usual onslaught of 2-step garage remixes with little vocals. No exact date of release but guessing 1999 as based off the compilation it appeared on.

Many thanks once again to Stuaaart for his rip ;-)

So Amazing (Radio Edit) 3:55
So Amazing (Bass Master Edit) 4:50
So Amazing (Bump'N' Flex Phat Daddy Escaba) 4:15
So Amazing (Es-Pe-Dee Remix) 5:49

Di'mond: Summer Holiday (UK CDM) (A.T. Records, 1998)

More amazing UK street soul that somehow got lost in the 2-step garage category. The artist might've been signed to Dome Records at one point as a further song appeared on their UK Flava comp from 1999 but outside of this and two very obscure singles I know little else about her. Again comes backed with the usual onslaught of 2-step garage remixes but the Big Lik Klub Mix is to die for. So smooth and silky, it's almost transcendental. 

Summer Holiday (Radio Edit) 3:46
Summer Holiday (Big Lik Klub Mix) 5:00
Summer Holiday (Relax &Flex Garage Mix) 6:23
Work It (Slow Groove) 4:28

Melissa Mann: Unmixed & Unmastered (Promo CDr) (Sagestone Entertainment, 1999)

I don't know much about this artist but she originally had a single out in '95 titled Still In Luv on KB4 Records. It didn't get very good write ups back then and she pretty much went unnoticed until a later demonstration was discovered by the plethora of usual European bloggers and You Tube users. Back in '95 she was slated by Billboard magazine as having a "slightly limited range" but either she got better with age or they were simply wrong about her. She has a jazzy mezzo-soprano range with the ability to hit the whistle register, not unlike Chanté Moore. The unreleased music here - produced by a company based out of Beverly Hills, CA - is a mixture of funky 90s R&B and J-Lo-esque urban pop. Very polished and contemporary-sounding, I have no idea why she didn't make it, not even as an independent artist.

Player 3:58
Hooked On You 3:33
Bonafide 4:03
Over And Done 4:13

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Robin: Come And Get This "Hot Stuff" (Promo EP) (Dunmore Music, 1999)

Only single from contemporary R&B singer Robin McGregor who was one of a few artists signed to Dunmore Music Promotions in the late 90s. More urban-pop than other artists on the label, I don't think any of her additional work made it off SoundClick but the b-side to the above single was re-recorded in 2011. Although no longer active as far as I can tell, most of her work can still be found there so I will not be posting any of my own samplers to You Tube.

Come And Get This Hot Stuff 5:11
Why You Lie To Me - Short Version 4:19
Why You Lie To Me - Long Version 10:23

Artist's SoundClick profile

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Diamond & 2 Tall (Promo EP) (Mystic Rhythm Records, 199x)

A further sampler of music from yet another obscure label that I cannot find one iota of information on but possibly had some input from classic soul producer Harvey Fuqua (Etta James, Marvin Gaye.) The female group is a mixture of early 90s R&B and hip-house while the male duo more golden-age rap and R&B with doo-wop influences. No idea where either is from but songs appeared to have been recorded & mastered at many locations including Las Vegas, NV, Southfield, MI and Sherman Oaks, CA.

Where Are You? 4:01
I'm Gonna Dance 3:53
Come With Me 3:55
When I'm With You 4:08

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quad Flavor (Promo EP) (Cold Phunky Records, 1997)

Obscure compilation from Los Angeles-based label Cold Phunky Records featuring 4 artists from their then-roster. All but Hollywood & Monroe (bottom left) are independent R&B artists and all tracks are exclusive to this compilation only. All are top quality R&B but Christie's track especially is a sophisticated slice of 90s hip hop soul. To my knowledge she was the only one to ever release anything else beyond this.

Silent Tears 5:33
Bounce 5:13
In My Heart 5:47
Jam-On 5:39

NOTE: If anybody has Christie's only single "Juici" and might consider a trade, please feel free to contact me via the sidebar. Offers for a sale are also quite welcome.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

F.E. (Ephee Cohen): Cum With Me (CDM) (Ephee's Records International Inc., 1994)

Further song from Memphis, TN-based singer Ephee Cohen which did not appear on his album All I Want To Do Is Love (posted previously.) The romantic, sexy-type of slow jam that only male singers do best, I don't know if it came before or after but here he seems to have adopted a more "pop culture" appearance as apposed to appearing in traditional Jewish garb. Contains 3 versions of the title track, including a remix which appears more like an alternative demo take with different lyrics. Unfortunately the last thing of interest that I know about from this very obscure, professional-sounding artist. Just remember where you heard it first ;-)

Cum With Me 4:00
Please Be Mine (Cum With Me Remix) 4:01
Cum With Me (Instrumental) 6:10

Ephee Cohen: All I Want To Do Is Love (Ephee's Records International Inc., 1994)

Finally adding to my male artists, here is another gem that I stumbled across that nobody else has and hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. The album is split into two parts sung in both English and Hebrew but the music is straight up 90s New Jack Swing/quiet-storm R&B in the fashion of New Edition, Bobby Brown and other artists like them. All tracks were self-written and produced by the artist himself and mostly came out sounding very polished and professional. Sadly I know nothing about him but he later released a further single under another alias where he appeared to abandon his traditional Jewish look in favor of a more pop culture appearance and name.

There are 6 songs in total sung in English. Just remember you heard it here first.

Do She Love Ya Do She Care 5:25
Dry Your Eyes 4:13
All I Want To Do Is Love 5:18
Don't Try'n Play Me 4:02
Human 3:44
I Can't Live Without You Girl 4:33

Friday, October 21, 2016

Jaki G: New Life (Aris Records, 2006)

Another good snag from my good pal Stuaaart, the only album from talented Detroit songstress Jaki G which as far as I can tell is out-of-print and unavailable to buy on CD Baby, iTunes or any of the typical places.  Possessing a jazzy contralto vocal range, her album is a polished blend of neo soul and contemporary R&B and was produced entirely by Frankie Fultz, formally of the Detroit area acid jazz/electro outfit Underground Resistance. Not much information found about her but from what I can tell she is now helping other local musicians and performers find their way as a board member of the Detroit Metro Area Musicians & Entertainers Association.

Thanks once again to Stuaaart ;-)

It's All Good 1:26
New Life 4:52
Do You Hear Me? 4:38
Get Loose 4:07
Do U Know What U Mean 0:10
It's On Tonight 4:40
No More Tears 5:57
Senses 4:43
I'm Down For A Day 3:20
My Name Is Faith 4:47
He & She (A Love Story) 4:03
I Wanna Stand 4:59
Glad To Be Woman 0:42
Ride The Veil 3:26
Metamorphosis 5:46
Summertime Again 4:26
The Hills Of Cali 4:11
Righteous Outro 0:47

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pamela Serrano: I Can Take You Higher (CDS) (Momentum Records, 1996)

More Filipina R&B from Fremont, CA and another fine contribution from my good pal and top contributor Stuaaart. No information about the artist anywhere but the main score appears to include a slightly altered sample of The World Famous Supreme Teams 1988 song "Hey DJ."

As always you heard it from us first.

I Can Take You Higher 4:28
Let Your Feelings Show 5:00

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Unknown Artists: Single Song Demo Cassettes 1 (199x)

Acquired by my good friend Stuaaart, more demo cassettes by unknown artists and judging by the sound, possibly recorded during the early to mid 90s. All are female vocalists and most likely intended for demonstration work only. The first In My Own Way is an early 90s hip hop slammer that would not have sounded out of place on an early TLC album while the second Why Should I Settle 4 Less sounds suspiciously like a Babyface & LA Reid production. The latter was produced at Sweetwater Productions, now Sweetwater Digital Productions and based out of Van Nuys, California. The final two are mid 90s soul ballads and were produced for Sony and Interscope Records respectively. These actually have credits to the writers but their names don't ring a bell in any way. Again many thanks to Stuaaart for sending them my way.

Tape 1 - In My Own Way 3:37
Tape 2 - Why Should I Settle 4 Less 5:19
Tape 3 - Call It Anything You Want To 4:03
Tape 4 - That's All 4:12

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tonya Graves: Bring About A Change (CDM) (Connoisseurs Music, 1993)

A further obscure pressing found tucked away on a certain popular shopping site that I was lucky enough to find the last copy of. Not the greatest production ever but the type of music is early 90s funky soul to the fullest. The b-side track is marginally better, having more of a smooth, jazzy feel than the main score. Regardless, the vocals are quite strong and some of the remixes are quite good. I know nothing about the artist but the label Connoisseurs Records put out a handful of hip hop and R&B releases in the early 90s, not limited to male trio Fo-Deep and rapper El Smooth. Mega rare!

Bring About A Change (Urban Mix) 4:31
Bring About A Change (Saxy Mix) 4:39
Bring About A Change (Vocal Mix) 4:31
Bring About A Change (Street Mix) 4:49
Take You Over (Urban Mix) 4:42
Take You Over (Tonya's Saxy Mix) 4:56
Take You Over (Ole Boize Mix) 5:07

Monday, October 17, 2016

Renee: Why You Wanna Do Me (This Way)? (CDM) (Shelley Shell/Bossman Records, 1995)

Further obscure R&B-funk-soul that again was spotted on a known shopping site. Nothing is known about the artist or label but seems to be based out of Palmdale, Cali. Includes a b-side track Let Me Get My Boogie On which is somewhat G-Funk lite but still packs quite a punch. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Why You Wanna Me (This Way)? 4:16
Why You Wanna Me (This Way)? [Instrumental] 4:02
Let Me Get My Boogie On 4:32
Let Me Get My Boogie On [Instrumental] 3:52

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Peaches-N-Cream: Jump To The Limit (VLS) (Royal Entertainment, 1995)

Again from 1995, a further funky cut from the Bronx, NYC. I know nothing about them but it seems they are a female duo or group and possibly one of Hispanic or Caribbean extraction as per the slight Reggaeton influences on the b-section.

Jump To The Limit 3:53
Jump To The Limit (Instrumental) 3:54

Repeats same tracks on Side B

Cheváne: I Wanna Know You (UK White Label VLS) (1995)

From 1995, a further obscure group based out of London and who modeled themselves on TLC as per their press information. Described as "the bad girls of 90s pop," the group made some waves in the underground and even had a term coined for their fans (Chevettes) but sadly this very white label 12" is the only thing they ever did. Respect to my good pal Stuaaart for stumbling upon this rarity and as always, you heard it from us first.

I Wanna Know You 4:29
I Wanna Know You (Acappella) 4:21

Repeats same tracks on side B

Forté: Only In My Mind (Just A Fantasty) (Promo CDM) (442 Music, 1994)

Described as "a female quartet with voices smoother than silk and harmonies sweeter than sugar," another unknown group based out of California in the early 90s and of possible Filipina origin. Their only song (above) was released on 12" vinyl only in 1994 but my good pal Stuaaart was lucky enough to track down a MEGA RARE CD copy! As per their names, they are not the same group as the Hawaiian one who had some slight success in the 90s. 

A Capella Intro 0:23
Radio Edit 3:42
Extended Edit 4:19

Lauri G.: Somebody Else Will (CDM) (Hit Records, 1997)

Another one sadly lost to the gospel brigade but it was good while it lasted...the only contemporary R&B release from Texas singer Lauri G. Very similar to this track by a previous artist posted (Ms Angela), it is smooth 90s R&B with sultry soul vocals. I am unsure as to whether she released a follow-up but like many others before her, she has since turned to contemporary Christian music and her later work can be found here. As always, many thanks to my good friend Stuaaart for providing me with the rip and as always, you heard it from us first...

Main Mix 3:54
Acoustic Mix 3:58
No Skin Mellow Mix 4:02
Instrumental 3:52

Freckles: Daddy Wasn't There (EP) (Filthy Rich Records, 1997)

Another straight up amazing find from my good pal Stuaaart, the rare EP from smooth-voiced Chi-Town songstress Tanya White AKA Freckles. She is mostly known for her song Dance With Me which made some minor waves on the music scene in 2002 but her debut CD Does It Really Matter sadly ended up on the cutting room floor despite being as good, if not better, than similar stuff released at the time. She was signed to an independent label which had distribution rights through Universal (Beyond subdivision) but the above set was recorded earlier on in her career and probably soon after fellow Chi-Town musician R.Kelly encouraged her to sing instead of MC. Also recorded before she came out as a lesbian, it includes a steamy duet with an unknown male artist.

Daddy Wasn't There 4:12
Daddy's Little Girl 3:54
Freaky With U 3:24
Chi-Town 4:06

Charlene (Gilliam): Jiggy (VLS) (Black Wax Entertainment, 1998)

Not many people know about the above lady but she has written for numerous pop puppets over the past ten years, the most notable being Rihanna for the song Final Goodbye in 2007. Well at one point - in the late 90s - she was actually a fledgling singer in her own right and released the above EP via a small indie hip hop label based out of NJ. Vocally somewhere between Adina Howard and Tamar Braxton and with production that is seamless, this set is definitely up there with the best that the late 90s underground had to offer. Jiggy is a funky groove that threatens to get stuck in your head but the cream of the crop for me would have to be the amazing If These Walls Could Talk.

Many thanks again to my pal Stuaaart for the rip ;-)

Jiggy 4:05
Instrumental 4:08
Jiggapella 4:01
Which Part Of No 4:27
If These Walls Could Talk 3:59

Lydia (Ms. Lydia): featuring Surface: Closer Than Friends (Promo VLS) (Alexia Records, 1994)

Originally featured on the indie hip hop comp Life After Evolution, here's is another hidden gem you probably haven't heard of before. No idea who the artist is but it is a collaboration with male R&B trio Surface and a cover of their 1988 song of the same name. Pretty much in the same smooth vein as the original, it features Snoop's former producer Battlecat on the remix!

Many thanks once again to Stuaaart for his rip ;-)

Closer Than Friends [Radio Edit] 3:48
Closer Than Friends [Extended Version] 5:08
Closer Than Friends [Battle Cat Remix Vocal] 5:46
Closer Than Friends [Battle Cat Remix Instrumental] 5:44

Friday, October 14, 2016

Erica: C-Me Family Sampler (Promo EP) (Carl Martin Entertainment, 1996)

According to a Billboard article from '95, the above artist was the first act that former Shai member Carl 'Groove' Martin signed to his then-fledgling label Carl Martin Entertainment, which was originally set up as a sub-label to the already established MCA Records. He signed a 2 million sub-label contract with the label which, for reasons unknown, never went anywhere. One of the acts signed, female duo On The Contrary, later had a single released via Expansion Records in the UK but the above solo singer, to my knowledge, was not released despite being the first act signed to the label in 1995. Unfortunately I know nothing about her but the sound is reminiscent of Davina Bussey and other vocalists like her.

I'm Coming Over 4:28
You Can't Stay 4:16

On The Contrary: C-Me Family Sampler (Promo EP) (Carl Martin Entertainment, 1996)

On The Contrary were a U.S. duo that was signed to former Shai frontman Carl "Groove" Martin's R&B label, which initially was set up as a division of MCA Records in 1995. According to an article sourced online, he signed a $2 million sub-label deal with MCA which required a minimum of two projects to be completed per year. Sadly, for reasons unknown, the label folded and Martin took one of the acts On The Contrary to the UK where he signed a distribution deal instead with Expansion Records. They only ever released one single Love To Love You, which was produced by Corey Rooney and Marc Morales.  They

Valerie: I'm Not Feeling You (Promo CDr) (200x)

Another great grab for my good pal Stuaaart and I...a further demo from an unknown female artist and found exclusively on CDr. Possibly from Detroit as per the area code, the music is a blend of downtempo R&B and vocally a little like Ashanti mixed with a pinch of Stevie Wonder. No date of recording but guessing early to mid 2000s at the least...

I'm Not Feeling You 3:39
Instrumental 3:36

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Renita: Can't Stop Thinking Of You (Promo CDr) (Dan 'MC' Productions, 200x)

Further unreleased music from an Ohio female artist and another fortunate win for my good buddy Stuaaart and I. As indie as it gets, the disc is little more than a orange Memorex CDr with a printed insert. No date of release but guessing early 2000s as per the type of disc used but the production itself is very 90s sounding with chilled DIY synth music and a throbbing bass line. Obviously a personal project, I can't find any information on the artist but the track was slated to come from her then-forthcoming LP The Art Of Seduction.

Radio Version 3:38
Vocal Club Version 3:07

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dazee: S/T (EP) (Break Records, 1997)

Super obscure EP from who I believe is Daisy 'Dazee' Love, a sweet-voiced yet powerful Detroit singer who is still quite active in the local R&B scene. Following this EP, which is two parts smooth R&B and believe it or not 90s progressive house (tracks 3 & 4), she was briefly one fourth of a gospel/R&B quartet called Deite but I don't think they ever released anything. Most recently she has appeared on the song Make It Rain by Detroit musician Darold Gholston.

Major props once again to Stuaaart for coppin' this rarity on CD for us ;-)

Change Your Mind 3:48
Can We Start Over 4:53
Look What You've Done 6:48
I Can't Understand 5:35

Chellena: Stay With Me Tonight/Tonight's The Night (Promo EP) (Dunmore Promotion, 1994)

From Chicago IL, further unreleased R&B from Dunmore Music Promotions and Chellena Black [Harris.] Black was allegedly one of Dunmore's favorite artists to work with but for whatever reason their work never evolved beyond various studio demos. As per the cassette label, both were to be featured on her CD Back To Love which was not released. Meanwhile back in the Hi-Def world, Black might be known to some for her brief appearance on American Idol in 2004 but has most recently loaned her powerful pipes to various dance projects. 

Thanks again to Stuaaart for this most excellent contribution :-)

Stay With me Tonight 4:39
Tonight Is The Night 5:01 (Isley Brothers)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Unknown Female Group: Demo (Promo Cassette) (199x)

From an unnamed Sony producer, a further demo from an unknown female R&B group. There are 7 songs in total, ranging from upbeat funky tracks to smooth ballads but no clue as to who they are or who produced them. No date of recording but most likely mid 90s from the sound which is very similar to 7669, En Vogue and other funky hip hop groups like them.

Another amazing win for us from my good pal Stuaaart!

All track titles are approximate.

I'm Not That Kind Of Girl 4:18
When I'm With You 3:58
Spreading Your Love All Over 3:46
Treat Me Right 3:40
It's My Life 4:05
Where Would I Be 3:55
I'll Be Good 4:06

Unknown Artist: Fascinated/4 The Both Of Us (Promo Cassette) (Ripe Productions, 199x)

A further unknown Sony demo and a mixture of Sade-esque synth soul,  funk and hip hop. No clue as to who the artist is but the production company Ripe Productions does have an entry in Discogs and has produced tracks for Michael Bolton, Kenny G and others. No date of release but early 90s as per the synthy sound. 

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution

Fascinated 5:45
4 The Both Of Us 4:01

It has since come to my knowledge that track 1 on this cassette is by Evelyn King and was from her 1995 album "I'll Keep A Light On."

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unknown Artist: Leave A Light On (Promo Cassette) (199x)

From an unnamed Sony producer, a further unreleased R&B production from the 90s and this time from a male group similar to Jodeci. No indicators as to who they are but seems to be a partial duet with a female group who could be Xscape or at least LaTocha and Tamika Scott possibly. No date of recording but guessing mid 90s as per the smooth R&B sound.

Unknown Artist 1 - Keep It Up 3:46 (see previous post)
Unknown Artist 2 - More Than A Man 3:21 (non-R&B)
Unknown Artist 3 - Leave A Light On 4:47

Unknown Artist: Keep It Up (Promo Cassette) (199x)

Unknown 90s R&B by an unknown female artist and found exclusively on the above demo tape from a unknown Sony producer. I don't known for absolute certain but I think it might be Tamara Powell on vocals with her sister Trina singing backup. The duo were later signed to Sony's Columbia/C2 division. No date of release but early to mid 90s as per the sound.

Unknown Artist 1 - Keep It Up 3:46
Unknown Artist 2 - More Than A Man 3:21 (non-R&B)
Unknown Artist 3 - Leave A Light On 4:47 (see next post)

Friday, September 30, 2016

DNA: Remember The Times (Promo VLS) (Dome Records Ltd, 1999)

Courtesy of UK label Dome Records, here is more quality UK R&B and released to promo 12" only in 1999. I was lead to believe that they were an all-female singing group but I think they might be a mixed group of female singers with male rappers/producers. Nonetheless, I don't think they are the same DNA that was popular during the early 90s with their remix of Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner.

Thanks again to Stuaaart for another amazing contribution ;-)

Remember The Times 4:46
Cant Go Back 4:56
Dangerous Love 4:45
In The Summertime 3:44

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ora: Demos (200x) (Unreleased) (August Rigo & Khari Dandy)

Following their brief association with Teddy Riley, Filipino-Canadian group Ora continued to record and worked on many songs with Toronto-based producer August Rigo and his associate Khari Dandy. The group grew with their audience, embracing the more uptempo electronic sound that contemporary hip hop and R&B began to take on in the late 2000s but they still stuck to what they did best...sultry slow jams with killer hooks & harmonies. Unfortunately once again none of these great songs ever made it onto an actual album but at least one of them (Unlearn Me) was later given to an awful pop group Rigo was working with at the time...

Sadly the last thing of interest from this very talented and versatile group. Many thanks once again to Rie for allowing me to post.

Happily Ever After [Ft. August Rigo] 3:54
Contagious 3:36
First Love 4:20
Hold My Own 3:19
Midas Touch 3:31
Hard Up 3:44
When I Get Home Tonight 3:33
Far Away 4:31
Not About Love 3:04
I'm Hot [On Fire] 3:50
Rewind [Rated R Version] 4:33
Too Late For Love 4:06


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ora: Demos (200x) (Unreleased) (Teddy Riley)

First brought to mention to in my hidden R&B groups of the 90s and 2000s, Ora were an all-Filipina R&B quartet from Toronto, Canada who were active briefly in the late 90s. They released one EP N V So whose only single Quit Stressin' achieved some degree of success in Toronto but sadly their label folded before they could release anything else. They recorded a full album which was at the time tentatively titled Ora...Mismo Right Here, Right Now and due in part to one of the talented ladies Rie in this group, I was able to post to

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Personèlle: Rebound (UK CDS 1 & 2) (LMP Records, 1997)

The second of two singles from 90s UK trio Personèlle, who were signed to a division of jungle/hardcore label Lucky Spin Recordings between 1996-1997. They were a primarily a pop group but incorporated elements of soul, R&B and even Motown into their music. Sadly they only ever released two singles, the R&B-flavored Nearly Missed Your Love and the above release, which is a Motown-inspired number. It's an original song (I believe) but the smooth, soulful remix on disc 2 is vastly superior. Also includes a further remix to their previous song and a b-side cut Good Together, which sounds like something Eternal might've recorded in their hey day. Unfortunately they never released an album - the mid 90s was probably the worst time to be a girl group in the UK - but a cassette sampler featuring some tracks does exist.

Rebound (Radio Edit) 3:41
Rebound (Club Mix) 3:35
Nearly Missed Your Love (R&B Remix) 4:38*
Rebound (Extended Mix) 4:26

Rebound (Soul Cut) 5:00*
Good Together 5:00
Rebound (Nookie Drum & Bass Mix) 6:19

NOTE: If anybody has the following cassette promo and is interested in a trade please contact me here. Lossless or 320 only. Please include all relevant cover scans. Offers for a sale are also welcome.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Infiniti: Will You Be My Baby (UK CDM) (Arista BMG, 1996)

The second single from former indie trio Infinity who after signing to Arista BMG records in 1996 were thereafter known as Infiniti. Sadly once again their time at the label was short-lived and after the above single they were not heard from again. According to an article sourced online, the song made it into the UK top 40 but mostly owing to the popularity of the Spice Girls, 1996 was a bad time to be an all-female singing group in the UK.

Infinity: Tonight (UK CDM) (Bathroom Records, 199x)

Back to the UK stuff with another obscure swing trio you probably haven't heard about before and produced by and featuring British MC Merlin (had two alums on Sire Records in the early 90s.) According to an article in the Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture from 2002, the trio were signed to Warner Bros/Chapell Recordings and worked with Michael Narada Walden but I don't think any of the songs were ever released. Former  backing singers and relations to British swing group Soul II Soul, they later changed their name to Infiniti and released a further single in 1996 titled Will You Be My Baby? via Arista BMG (see next post.)

Tonight (Radio Vocal) 4:16
Tonight (Radio Edit) 3:57
Tonight (Lick My Dub Mix) 5:10
Tonight (Blunted In My Jeep Mix) 5:57