Friday, December 25, 2015

Sista: 4 All Da Sistas Around Da World (Swing Mob/Elektra, 1994)

Along with Kiley Dean's album, here is yet another full-length project from Timbaland that went unreleased back in the day. Mostly produced in conjunction with Jodeci's Donald DeGrate, this album is one of his earliest works and pretty much recorded at a time before he became known to the world as "Timbaland." Also starting out in her career was the then-unknown Melissa Elliott who was then going by the name "Misdemenor."
The quartet, consisting of Elliott and three close friends, originally began in 1991 as Fayze where many months of recording demo tracks eventually culminated in the release of First Move on cassette and 12" vinyl. It eventually caught the attention of DeGrate (then known as "DeVante Swing") who in turn signed them to Swing Mob Records, then home to Jodeci, Al B Sure! and (briefly) Mary J. Blige. Sadly the group only ever released one single Brand New before the label folded. Their debut album - mostly paying  homage to Jodeci's early swagger and style - was cancelled and nothing more was heard from them. I don't know why they didn't make it but it is worth noting that Swing Mob was affiliated with Elektra, who in the years proceeding, shelved more R&B releases than any other label that I know of...

Intro Talk 0:59
Hip Hop 3:28
Slow Down 1:01
WFRO 0:19
Sweat You Down 3:36
DeVante At The Pay Phone 0:16
Find My Love 3:00
I Wanna Know 1:57
Hit U Up 4:04
125th Street 1:46
Big Shann & Timbaland At Train Stop 0:45
I Dont Mind 3:34
Secret Admirer 3:56
Sista Bounce 1:44
Swing Thing 2:21
Brand New 4:25
I Wanna Be Wit U 3:23
Good Thang 4:17
Feel Of Your Lips 5:06*
Sista Mack 0:50

*featured unaccredited appearances from K-Ci Hailey and Mary J. Blige. Blige sings a brief interpolation of her 1994 song I Never Wanna Live Without You towards the end.