Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Premiere: Always Be There (Promo VLS) (Alien Records, 1997)

Mega rare track from the 90s R&B trio which never appeared on their album. They were one of a few Pinay R&B acts during the mid 90s that had a strictly urban vibe as apposed to later ones such as One Vo1ce, Epic Voices and Immj who were influenced more by OPM and J-pop. Most of the group's debut album, thus far their one and only, was produced by Foster & McElroy of En Vogue fame. Many thanks once again to Tank of R&B Deluxe for contributing this bomb...

Always Be There (Radio Edit) 3:25
Always Be There (Instrumental) 3:25
Always Be There (A Cappella) 3:27
Always Be There (Extended Edit) 4:45
Just Do Me Right 5:45