Friday, December 18, 2015

Ms Angela: Anything For You (EP) (Relentless Records, 1998)

Another quite obscure R&B artist from St. Louis, MO. Sadly I don't know anything about her but she appears to be produced by Bobby Crawford of the male vocal group Ol' Skool. Featuring 3 full tracks and 3 snippets of other songs, the sound is predominantly late 90s smooth R&B and with Bobby Crawford's velvety smooth backing vocals, the sound is very similar to Ol' Skool themselves. Sadly her full-length album is almost impossible to find.

Anything For You ft. Bobby Crawford 3:33
Anything For You ft. Rude Reese 3:56
Call Me 4:46
Whatever You Want [Snippet] 1:06
That Woman [Snippet] 1:24
All The Love [Snippet] 1:16