Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Missing Pieces: First Lady's Of Lyrical Soul (Lyrical Soul Productions, 2006)

Another obscure trio, this time out of Tamarac, FL and a combination of modern soul and early 2000s throwback R&B. The group was put together by Charles Walker (a keyboardist and former member of early 2000s rhythm and blues band the Charles Walker Blues Band*) and modeled after legendary groups such as The Emotions and The Temptations rather than pop groups such as Destiny's Child and TLC. This appears to be the only thing that they ever did and was once available to purchase on CDBaby but has long since been discontinued. They no longer appear to be active though one of the members Christal has since gone solo and is carrying on the same concept with her own LP, which is available to purchase here.

~Thanks again to Nik from R&B-Music-You-Never-Knew for the heads up on this.

*Simply a guess and maybe not fact. 

Foolish Lover (Part 1) 5:10
We Cried 4:37
Missing Piece 4:12
Beauty Of A Woman 4:59
Ol' School (Bonus) 4:05
Dancing Shoes 4:24
Let Me In (Bonus) 3:59
It's Time 3:59
Just Your Girl 4:31
Why Did You 4:43
He's Just A Man 4:55
Bad Reputation 4:08
Joy (Bonus) 3:40
Step Dip Swing 5:09
Live Forever 3:54
Always Love You (Bonus) 4:01
All Man 4:13
Foolish Lover (Part 2) 5:18