Thursday, December 10, 2015

KriStyle: S/T (Kristyle Enterprise, 2003)

Here is another stand-out release from an indie artist and combines the urban-crossover sound of the early 2000s with reggae and calypso-inspired music. Not quite as hard as D'Mello but the R&B songs sound like they could've been recorded by any popular artist back in the day, notably Monica, Brandy or even Mary J. Blige. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the artist but according to the liner notes, the project did spawn one single Gone. By coincidence there is also another hip hop/reggae fusion artist by the name of KriStyle and based out of Salem, OR but I don't think that they are one and the same person...

Working late (intro) 0:22
Say When 4:13
I'll Be Back (skit) 0:45
Always Been Mine 4:30
Take Your Name 3:44
Carribbean Connection 4:13
Midnight Love (Skit) 5:03
Alone 3:28
Always Talkin' Sh@! (skit) 0:49
Ladies Time 3:48
Feels So Good 3:27
Gone 4:23
The Fight (Skit) 0:42
Love Is 4:31
Exstacy 5:00
Why 3:24
Games 3:16