Friday, December 11, 2015

A.S.K. ME: Girl Talk - Selections from their album MOVING EVERYBODY (Universal, 2000)

Along with Phajja's second album, here is yet another amazing project from a female trio that never saw the light of day in 2000. Hailing from Chicago IL, they originally started out writing songs for 90s R&B trio The Good Girls when they met Robert Clivilles of C+C Music Factory while working in an adjoining studio. Immediately they began working together and the trio provided backing vocals for most of the tracks on C+C's 1994 album Anything Goes! as well as on their self-titled album released the following year. I don't know if they
would've eventually gone on to record their own album with Clivilles and Cole serving as the producers but after Cole's death in 1995, C+C was no more and the trio disappeared completely until re-emerging as a contemporary R&B group in 2000. Signed to Universal Records, the project spawned one promotional single I Know What You Did before being abandoned altogether the same year, probably around the time that Universal merged with Motown and Republic Records. I don't think that their album Moving Everybody was ever available in full but I was fortunate enough to come across the above sampler which includes some excerpts and a radio interview with Chicago radio personality Irene Mojica. Though I Know What You Did was a slightly softer take on the Destiny's Child formula, the rest of the tracks are deliciously smooth. What a shame that Universal passed them up in favor of boy band 98° and random, soulless rappers but it seemed that the label did not have a good track record with female R&B groups. In the years following Def Soul quartet LovHer and Vince Herbert's Famil would also have albums shelved by them.

For anybody curious, A.S.K. ME's name is an acronym of April, Sheree & Kera Moving Everybody.

I Know What You Did 1:44
What Have I Done 1:33
Who Can Love You 1:43
The Day 1:29
Freaky Fantasy 2:00
Girl Talk w/ Irene Mojica 20:14