Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tiorah: Noonday Café (A-440 Productions, 1999)

Along with Aaries, here is another R&B group from the the turn of the millennium that used the neo soul format. Hailing from St. Louis Missouri, this unique trio crafted a modern soul masterpiece full of jazzy, soulful hip hop cuts and smooth, classy R&B joints. Sold entirely out of  the producer's car trunk, the buzz generated soon enabled them to open for many big names in the music biz, including Stevie Wonder and Boys II Men. Sadly they have since disbanded but the lead singer is now a host at St. Louis performance venue Cafe Soul.

Intro 1:04
Noonday Cafe 3:50
I'm On My Way 4:52
Burgundy and Honey 4:01
Got It Goin On 6:04
Why You Wanna 3:13
Friends To Lovers 3:30
Interlude 1:30
Should've Told Them About Me 4:58
Light Of The World 4:59
Closest I'll Get To Loving You 6:11
Keep On 5:16
Rush Remix (ft Ruckus) 8:56