Friday, November 13, 2015

Ta-Gana: Un-mixed (Promo CDr) (200x)

Early CD-R demonstration of Ta-Gana's shelved debut featuring tracks and versions not present on the final Hollywood Records release. I don't exactly know the authenticity of it given that it says nowhere who it was made for and the disc is a silver Mitisu CD-R with printed text, but I analyzed the tracks and they are not from a lossy source. In short, the file system on the disc is CDDA and not from an MPEG (mp3) source. I am inclined to think that somebody cloned a DAT although I am not entirely sure. The different tracks included are the significantly more upbeat More, Anything and the Save The Last Dance soundtrack cut Dance Floor. All were removed in favor of slow jams and mid-tempos on the final version. Sadly the record company, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they wanted to keep her as a crooner instead. Also included is an alternate version of the track Give Me which on the final version was produced by Gregory Curtis. I don't know who produced the version here but it is slightly more uptempo and also includes an alternate vocal take.

More 4:16
Anything 3:46
Every Little Thing You Do 3:51
Something About You 5:13
There Is A Love 3:47
In The Name Of Love 4:07
Give Me 3:54
Don't You Trip 5:05
Pain 4:25
Dance Floor 4:35