Saturday, November 28, 2015

Racquel: Check Me Out (Self-Released, 200x)

Yet more obscure indie R&B that I can find no information about, this time a CD-R demonstration from Michigan. Unfortunately the artist's MySpace account no longer appears to be active but her music is mainly a mixture of mid-2000s crunk R&B and some freestyle. Not a great vocalist sadly - especially on tracks 6 and 9 where she appears terribly off-key - but some of the slower tracks are quite nice and remind me slightly of Ashanti.

Very short unfortunately at just over 30 minutes long.

It Doesn't Matter 4:39
Ima Get Cha 4:06
Stress Relief 0:34
Cant Wait 4:57
Get U Hot 3:24
Trying To Trust You 3:28
Check Me Out 4:03
Get U Hot (Remix) 4:09
Trying To Trust You (Remix) 3:57