Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quanisha: S/T (QT Entertainment, 200x)

More indie R&B from the mid-2000s with NJ artist Quanisha. Formally a member of the Disney Tune Troop, she got her start in the biz opening for the lesser-talented Britney Spears before releasing her own album in 2008. With influences ranging from Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Lupe Fiasco and Lauryn Hill, it is primarily mid-2000s EDM R&B but she pulls off a cover of The Isley Brother's 1975 song Make Me Say to excellent effect. Sadly I don't know what she up to these days but she was in the middle of recording a follow-up album Out Her Space (due 2014) which may not have been released.

Game Ova 3:36
Official 3:39
First Move 3:40
Fire 3:32
Hott Jell 3:32
Oh 3:32
All For You 3:40
Rock Yo Body 3:34
You Didn't Love Me (At All) Ntro 0:32
You Didn't Love Me (At All) 3:46
Make Me Say 5:15
Ice Cream Girl 3:28
Hott (Dj Buzzard Rethought) 6:28
Make Me Say (Unplugged) 5:12