Thursday, November 5, 2015

Latrelle: Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl (Album Advance) (Arista, 2002)

While Antonio 'LA' Reid was busy prepping the likes of Avril Lavinge and P!nk for stardom in the early 2000s, he let many genuinely talented acts slip through his fingers. Isyss and The' Rayne - two female R&B groups that could've been bigger than Destiny's Child and TLC had they been given adequate promotion - and this incredibly talented singer-songwriter - similar to Alicia Keys - who was sadly let go after two singles. On recommendation from Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds and his wife Tracey Edmonds, Reid had signed her on the spot and The Neptunes - continuing on with where they left off with Kelis a few years before - did a fantastic job of producing most of her debut. It was to be released in 2001 but after being pushed back about half a dozen times while the likes of Lavinge and P!nk went platinum, it was finally cancelled altogether. Classic Pharrell before the preoccupation with alternative crap artists such as Paloma Faith and Ed Sheeran and another one to add to the ever growing list of doomed projects from Reid... Props once again to Musik Guru of iAmDopeBeats for contributing this classic...

More Than You Know 4:14
You Don't Even Know (Da Da Da) 3:54
House Party 4:39
Dirty Girl 3:34
Mommy Was Daddy Too 4:15
Don't Leave 5:45
My Life 4:10
Wrong Girl (Interlude) 1:12
Deal With The Pain 3:44
Maze Of Love 4:39
Infatuated 4:25
Wrong Girl 3:48
Mystery Of Love 4:30
International Dirty Girl (Dirty Girl Remix) 3:48