Sunday, November 8, 2015

J.D. Superstar: Hot Hot (Self-Released, 2001)

Mega rare private release and kindly donated by one of my regular buyers from Germany. The album, which consists of 11 tracks, appears to be a self-pressed CD-R demonstration but despite the local producers who most likely had a hand in making it, it did not turn out half bad. Hard For The Money especially gives a slight nod to DC's Independent Women while Black Rain incorporates elements from Stand by Me by Ben E. King. A further track Hard For The Money (Remix) uses a sample from The O'Jay's 1973 song For The Love Of Money. Great production on these tracks - a mixture of DC & J-Lo-esque urban-pop, Latin-pop and some slow jams - and great vocals. Sadly the artist I know absolutely nothing about but if anybody has any further information please feel free to drop me a line.

Hard for the money (Radio edit) 2:55
Black Rain 3:42
Hot Hot 3:01
Hard for the money (Remix) 3:22
Psycho 4:07
Where 3:53
I don't want your man 3:01
Sugar Daddy 3:21
I'm down 2:51
America 2:18
FBI 2:33