Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ebone: Collage (Self-Released, 200x)

More indie R&B out of Maryland with Ebone Marlowe whose vocal stylings have been compared to those of Brandy. Mainly mid-2000s contemporary soul mixed with a little neo and a little electro, my good friend Nik over at R&B-Music-You-Didn't-Know-Existed picked it up in Baltimore this past spring. Despite being quite an obscure local-pressing, it is not the artist's first. There's no date of release but all information online points to 2006. Sadly her earlier two albums In The Beginning and I'm Ready are even more impossible to find but hopefully someone out there has them...

Intro 1:14
Norma Jean (feat. Joe Deluxe) 4:32
Singin 4 My Life 3:26
I Love Me More 4:42
Crazy 5:48
Soulful **** 2:06
Come Home (feat. Al Great) 4:40
Ooooh... 3:54
Shut It Down 4:43
Part Of The Game 3:26
Steal Away 4:46
When My Heart Can Beat No More 5:02