Monday, November 23, 2015

Cáya: Fantasies Of You (MTL Records, 200x)

Along with Quanisha and Ebone, here is more exclusive indie R&B that you won't hear anywhere else and hails from Jackson, Mississippi. No date of release given but most of it very eclectic-sounding. A few tracks are bordering on trip hop, others very late 90s jazzy hip hop soul and on others it is more 70s throwback style from the early 2000s. Sadly there is no information about the artist but at least one copy of this album has been sold on Amazon in the past.

You & I (Trippin & Slippin) 4:42
The Reason Why 4:26
We Can Do 4:22
Fantasies Of You 4:18
Everytime 3:29
Lazy Dayz 3:45
I Just Wanna Dance 3:31
Give Love A Chance 4:04
Can't Let You Go 3:47
Memories Of Yesterday 3:56