Monday, November 16, 2015

Athena Cage: Moods (Promo CDr) (The Puffin Co., 200x)

First featured in my short-lived thrift store finds section, this amazing find by former Kut Klose vocalist Athena Cage was undoubtedly the highlight of my crate-digging. Pressed by The Puffin Co. in Washington DC, it is a very early MEGA RARE industry presentation to promote her as a solo artist. Running at just over 21 minutes long, it features a 17 minute biography and two further tracks 'Til You Come Back To Me and He Changed
His Mind. Both are demos and are markedly different to the versions that appeared on her album (for instance Cage does not feature on the spoken intro to track 2.) Impressive still is that the biography segment includes further excerpts, mostly between 1-2 minutes in length, of other tracks - demos - that did not appear. Included are Irresistible, Seize Life, Love Rewind, Make Love Tonight, Are You Ready,  Love Somebody Else and It's Over Now. I don't know who produced them but her former mentor Keith Sweat appears on track 2, meaning that he may have been poised to take a more active role at some point earlier on. Included as well is an alternative version of the track Dream Lover which ended up being track 12 on the album. The finished version was a melodic string-laden ballad but here it is a lot more upbeat and contains a slightly different vocal take.

Again it is unfortunate that she failed to go anywhere, despite the high predictions made in the biography segment. Her finished album was shelved by Priority Records in 2001 and she has not released any new music since...

Main Presentation 17:02
'Til You Come Back To Me 2:31
He Changed His Mind 2:02