Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tslané: You Are Nothing (Without Me) (EP) (NuSoul Records, 2002)

A lot of other "collectors" turn their noses up at CDbaby artists; it seems as if an album or single doesn't cost three figures to buy then it is not worth their time but I am willing to give anybody a chance so long as it is early 2000s, the sound is good and can be purchased as an actual physical CD. I've come across quite a few amazing acts there, such as Milenia (an soulful trio made up of former backing singers for Prince) and the contemporary R&B group Fe'Male, whose unreleased work is posted here. The above artist, from Baton Rogue, LA, is also another great find. Released in 2002, it is as good, if not better, than similar work by similar artists at the time and her voice is somewhat reminiscent of a softer, more melodic Anita Baker. Unfortunately this is the only thing she ever did though it does appear (as judging from the back of this CD) that she was in the process of recording a whole album.

You Are Nothing (Without Me) 5:04
You Are Nothing (Without Me) - Radio Edit 4:26
No Not This Time 3:44
Pure Satisfaction 4:10