Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tina: Are U.Bout' It? (Offda Hook Records, 1997)

MEGA RARE first release from New Orleans singer Tina Ashton, whose sophomore album I have posted here. It spawned one single Are U.Bout' It? which was released on J-Town Records, a subsidiary of Jackson, Mississippi blues/gospel label Malaco Records. Like her 2002 album, it appears her earlier album was released on a small private label, possibly her producer's. Despite being released almost five years apart, they both  have a very similar sensual/smooth R&B sound...

Are U.Bout' It? (With Rap) 4:44
Sweet Thang 4:48
Wiggle It 4:02
Inhale My Flow 3:52
Love Me For Me 3:32
T.I.N.A. 1:50
Crazy Thang 3:50
Roll With Da Flow 4:39
Dreamin' 5:30
I Want You 3:23
What's A Girl To Do? 4:26
Come Git It 4:25
Are U.Bout' It? (Without Rap) 4:42