Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ruby: Dusk 'Til Dawn (Dusk 'Til Dawn Records, 2004)

Along with Crystal Sierra and D'Mello, here is another unique R&B artist from the early 2000s that went unnoticed. While Sierra had the Latin flavor and D'Mello was influenced by Caribbean and classical music, Canadian artist Ruby - real name Ruby Goralia - incorporated Hindi-style singing and slight Bhaṅgṛā influences into her music. Thankfully nothing like the fusion rubbish that was popular in the UK in the early 2000s and more in line with contemporary R&B with light breathy vocals. An exceptional album but sadly an obscure one.

I Really Like To... 4:34
Make U Mine 4:42
Tonight 4:33
Don't Wanna Try 4:15
Beautiful 4:47
Think About 4:59
No U And Me 4:29
What's The Chance 4:44
Chalte Chalte 3:00
Find A Reason 4:09
No Good 4 U 5:01
Tonight [Remix] 4:31