Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Of Age: Finally (Street Pride Records, 1999)

For those who were curious about what TLC might've sounded like had they not gone all futuristic for their third album, look no further than this indie trio, also from Atlanta, GA. Mixed by Organized Noize (who were previously involved with the production of CrazySezyCool), the style is predominantly old skool R&B with funk and East Coast hip hop influences. I'm not saying that they bear an exact resemblance to old TLC - their sound is slightly more soul than pop - but songs like He's With Me and Everybody especially sound like they might've been written with them in mind. Sadly I don't know anything about the group but the album was produced by McKinley Horton, a former keyboardist in the 80s soul & funk group Cashmere.

Interlude I 0:34
He's With Me 4:12
Almost Give Me Love 4:42
Interlude II 0:19
Ooh We Wah 5:17
Interlude III 0:19
Nobody Needs To Know 4:34
Sweet Love 4:18
No Matter 4:34
Interlude IV 0:30
Honey 5:15
Interlude V 0:19
All My Love 4:56
Everybody 3:34