Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nee-Nee AKA Anisha Nicole: No Means No (CDM) (Base Hit Records, 2003)

More indie R&B, this time out of San Diego and the daughter of former major league basketball player Tony Gwynn. Signed to her mother's label, she managed to break into the Billboard top 100 with the above release and a few years later went on to release a whole album which featured production from big name producers DJ Premier, Full Force and Vincent Herbert. I shall be posting this in due course but this single is notable as it did not appear on the track-listing and was recorded under an earlier alias "Nee-Nee (Gwynn)" While her album is pretty much in line with work by similar mainstream artists at the time, this single has a slightly more eclectic sound...

No Means No 3:53
No Means No (Without Rap) 3:53
No Means No (Remix) 3:40
No Means No (TV Mix) 3:52