Friday, October 23, 2015

Kiley Dean: Simple Girl (Advance) (Beatclub/Interscope, 2003)

Further unreleased music from Britney Spears' former backing singer Kiley Dean who, with the help of Timbaland, put down a first rate effort in 2003 that would've wiped the floor with many of her contemporaries. She had everything going for her - including a voice that would've put Spears and even Aguiliera to shame - but unfortunately she was lost on the dim-witted public who seemingly couldn't separate her from Tim's other former protegee Aaliyah. Dean's debut single Make Me A Song went down like a lead
balloon and her subsequent full-length release Simple Girl was eventually shelved by the label. Featuring production from Timbaland, Scott Storch and Brandy's former beau Robert "Big Bert" Smith, it is an eclectic mishmash of Tim's trademark electro'N'B, urban-pop, blues and even some soft rock. I don't exactly know Storch's role but I believe he may have been a co-producer with Tim on a few tracks. Dean has an impressive voice - reminiscent at times of Mariah Carey but obviously she doesn't quite have her range. She does, however, do an excellent job of imitating Brandy's style as demonstrated on the two songs that Norwood wrote Better Than The Day and Confused.  These were possibly leftover from Norwood's original fourth album with Robert Smith. Again, Dean should not be compared to Aaliyah but still she was way closer to the mark than Vince Herbert's 99c store knock-off JoJo. As for Tim's Beatclub Records, it was shortly closed and later resurrected as The Mosely Music Group in 2006. ~Thanks again to Musik Guru of iAmDopeBeats for adding another amazing contribution to my collection.

Blessed (Intro) 3:19
Cross The Line 3:33
Make Me A Song 4:20
No 3:44
Just Like That 3:40
Kiss Me Like That 4:17
Keep It Movin 4:27
America 4:36
War Song 4:39
Simple Girl 4:20
As Days Gone By 3:51
Better Than The Day 4:02
Stay Away From My Boyfriend 4:26
Busy 3:58
Confused 4:09
I Know (Outro) 4:25
Lovin You 3:26
Should I 4:48