Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hinda Hicks: Everything To Me (Island records, 2000)

Tunisian-born Hicks first came to prominence in the UK with her eponymous debut Hinda in 1998. She enjoyed moderate but acclaimed success and was nominated for both a MOBO and Brit Award for her work. An early morph of Alicia Keys and Chanté Moore, she was an extremely talented vocalist but sadly due to lack of promotion by the label Island Records her sophomore release was eventually moth-balled. It spawned one single, the Brandy & Monica-esque My Remedy which stalled at number 19 in the UK charts. Though much of the blame for her failure must go to the record label for simply neglecting to give her enough promotion, co-existing at a time when the UK charts were overpopulated with The Spice Girls, boybands and 2-step garage rubbish was never going to be easy. A third album was released in 2004 by which then she had gone totally independent.

Probably one of the best voices to come out of Britain in the 90s alongside Dina Carroll. Such a shame that their record labels failed them... 

Our Destiny 4:11
Worthy 3:50
My Remedy 4:57
Killing Me Inside 4:20
Show Me (Whatcha Got) 4:33
Everyday 4:46
Give U My Heart 4:29
Do What You Gotta Do 3:46
The Grass Ain't Greener 3:41
Suddenly 4:29
Sunshine 3:50
He's Out Of My Life 3:52
Don't You Let Nobody (Put You Down) 3:52
Everything To Me 7:37*

*includes a hidden track, the Frank Sinatra cover "That's Life" after 30 seconds of silence.