Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gina Thompson: If Only You Knew (Advance) (The Gold Mind/EastWest, 1999)

More unreleased music, this time from Missy Elliott's ill-fated Gold Mind label and under the even more hopeless EastWest/Elektra umbrella. The artist Gina Thompson had moderate success in the mid 90s and was previously signed to Mercury Records. Her debut album Nobody Does It Better was almost entirely produced by Rodney Jerkins and was mostly known for its lead single The Things You Do and its remix by Sean "Diddy" Combs that featured an early appearance by Missy Elliott. Her follow-up album If Only You Knew was scheduled to be released in 1999 via Missy Elliott's own label The Gold Mind but it was shelved after only one single Ya Di Ya. Sadly this was to be a common theme with Elektra Records, particularly through the 90s. Other artists that have had albums shelved by them include Lil, Mo, Canadian R&B singer Tamia and Elliott's other former protegee Nicole Wray.
Gina Thompson's If You Only Knew marks her debut for Elektra Records and features more of the attitude she displayed on her first single with Missy Elliott, "The Things That You Do." Elliot reappears on If You Only Knew's "Ya Di Ya," and the album also features guest performances from Beanie Sigel and Jon B. From slinky, seductive songs like "Don't Take Your Love Away" and "Caught Up" to attitude packed tracks like "You Can't Play Me," If You Only Knew showcases Thompson's versatility as a singer, songwriter and co-producer. - Allmusic
If Only You Knew 1:12
Caught Up 4:36
Ladies Anthem 3:41
Ya Di Ya 4:16
It Hurts 4:50
Don't Take Your Love Away 4:53
Take My Number Down 3:56
Calling You 5:00
He'll Do It Again 2:42
Up All Night 4:55
Turn Around 4:57
Coolin' Out 4:54
As Long As God Allows 5:06 (Hidden Track)