Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dina Carroll: S/T (UK Promo CDr) (Mercury, 1999)

Along with Hinda Hicks, Dina Carroll was another great British diva who lost a whole album in the 90s. This time it was purportedly the fault of the management company 1st Avenue which, for unknown reasons, saw most of their artists dropped from their labels. Carroll was unfortunately one of the unlucky ones caught up in this along with Eternal, The Honeyz, former EastEnders star Michelle Gayle and quite a few others. The ill-fated project spawned three singles, the Rhett Lawrence-produced One, Two, Three, Say You Love Me and Without Love before its cancellation in 1999. It had more of an R&B direction than her previous work though prior to the release of the latter single, the record company had retooled it to appeal more to dance fans. Such a waste but the early 2000s was probably the worst time to be a female soloist in the UK given the obsession with boy bands, girl bands, 2-step garage rubbish and tiresome Robbie Williams.

Without Love 3:37
Say You Love Me 3:53
One, Two, Three 4:04
Straight To My Soul 4:20
Son Of A Preacher Man 2:48
Good To Me 3:52
Let It Go 3:33
On & On 4:21
I'll Be There For You 4:58
Livin' For The Weekend '98 3:48
Love Of My Life 4:08