Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dannii Minogue: Universal February 2004 Sampler (Promo CDr) (Universal Music Publishing Ltd, 2004)

At a glance this Universal Records sampler seems completely unremarkable but seeing as Dannii Minogue has been a guilty pleasure of mine for many, many years, I just had to buy this CD. Track 12 was, in part, one of the main reasons why her 2006 compilation album The Platinum Collection was scrapped as Minogue was apparently unhappy with the inclusion of some previously unreleased tracks without her permission. Shortly after the project was cancelled, Unleashed was released in its place. Some of the rejected tracks such as Tut Tut (Does Your Mother Know?) and Karma Is A Bitch leaked in HQ several years back but the above one (titled here as Each Finger Got An Attitude) sadly did not. Seeing as the project wasn't imagined until 2006, the track's inclusion on this particular sampler is somewhat of a mystery but apparently it was intended at one point to be a double-A side with the cancelled single It Won't Work Out in 2004. At 2:42 it is rather a short track but regardless I am quite happy to finally have it in HQ quality (though it does sound slightly unmixed.)