Friday, August 21, 2015

Anisha Nicole: 19 (Base Hit Records, 2005)

For being an independent artist signed to her mother's vanity label, they really managed to pull out all the stops for this album. Featuring well-put together contributions from big name producers like DJ Premier, Full Force and Vincent Herbert, it is pretty much in line with many major-label releases at the time by such artists as Beyonce and Amerie. Vince's Hang It Up bears more than a passing resemblance to his work with former Universal R&B group Famil and DJ Premier's One Track Mind has his trademark beat and bass-heavy sound. Jumping on the mid 2000s reggaeton bandwagon, Collie Budz (referred to here as "CollieBird") joins her on track 3 while former So So Def-affiliated rapper Da Brat spits some verses on track 6. All in all a pretty decent take on a mainstream R&B album, even if the big names were simply brought for her. Her earlier songs recorded under a different alias No Means No, Let's Go & I Don't Care are not included. 

Intro "19" 1:17
19 3:02
Doin' The Damn Thing 3:18
Wind Your Waist (Featuring CollieBird) 3:08
Somethin' I Just Can't Hide 3:59
Hey You (Featuring Da Brat) 3:35
One Track Mind 3:44
Should've Known Better 3:25
Hang It Up 3:45
Doin' It Well 3:35
Stay 3:15
Love Me 4:01
Don't Talk To Me 3:16
Brand New 3:23
Ooooooo We 3:06