Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Treyce: All In My Game (Digitally Remastered) (Essential Media Group, 2011)

This East Coast  R&B trio were originally active in 2000 when they scored an underground hit with their one and only single All In My Game. I don't know if they ever released a full-length album back then but it has since been picked up for distribution by Essential Media Group, a label known for its CD-R re-releases of obscure classic stuff. Early 2000s, they are pretty much as you would expect a group from this era to sound with typical themes of female empowerment over sped-up hip hop beats and dark synth arrangements. As good, if not better, than similar albums by Blaque, Destiny's Child and others and it is a shame it took over ten years to release it. Available to download at your favorite mp3 store or if your a fan of the more conventional means of having your music on a disc, you can buy the CD too.

Also includes 4 bonus mixes of All In My Game taken from the original CD single, which is just as well considering that copies of this now go for $50 and up...

All In My Game 3:57
What Cha Gonna Do Without My Love 3:33
Come Into My Love 4:15
Ghetto Superstar 3:14
I Can't Get You Off My Mind 4:41
Tender Love 3:56
No Doubt 3:02
Wonder Why You Want To Break It Up 3:58
If She's Just Your Friend 2:58
Heaven Must Have Sent You 4:25
I Need A Baller 3:22
All In My Game (Radio Mix) 3:55
All In My Game (Radio Mix# 2) 3:57
All In My Game (Club Mix) 4:54
All In My Game (Thug Mix) 4:04