Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Jamie Hawkins: Vibe Sampler (Promo) (EastWest/Monami Entertainment, 2001)

Further unreleased music from the disastrous EastWest label in the early 2000s with Jamie Hawkins and a further find (1 of 2 actually) from Napo in and around the Virginia Beach area. A former musical director for Boyz II Men, Hawkins' demo was passed onto music executive Mona Scott who allegedly pulled him off tour with Lauryn Hill (where he was then serving as her musical director) to sign him. He was the first artist with Scott's Monami Entertainment label which was distributed at the time by Elektra. His album is very much acclaimed  -Hawkins had a modern Stevie Wonder-esque appeal - but it sadly went unreleased following his one and only single "Lost My Mind." I don't know the history behind this but knowing the label's track record of dropping artists after only one or two singles I am inclined to place the blame with them. Hawkins has now followed in the footsteps of his parents who were both gospel singers.
Lost My Mind (Scott Storch Remix) 4:40 
You're The One For Me (Album Version) 4:37 
Tell Me (Album Version) 4:24 
Thought You Should Know (Album Version) 5:16 
More And More (Album Version) 4:21 
Next To You (Album Version) 4:28 
Lost My Mind (Album Version) 4:35 
Just Jamie (Outro) 2:05