Monday, July 6, 2015

Ránell: S/T (Hood Records, 1998)

Along with Traneen's Diary, here is another super rare indie R&B album that fetches big bucks. Sadly there is no - and I mean zero - information on the singer anywhere but the project did spawn at least one single Come To Me in 1999. Most likely influenced by a wide range of artists not limited to Monica, Brandy, Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige in the late 90s, the style is predominantly smooth R&B mixed with a little hip hop soul.

Many thanks again to Stuart for this great contribution to my collection :-)

The Things You Do For Me   3:35
Never Get My Lovin    3:20
Get WIth Me    4:41
Why So Much Pain    1:42
You Know What I Want    4:38
Come To Me    4:02
How Do You Like It    1:18
Who Told You    0:58
Who Told You About Me    3:35
Whatever You Want    4:46
Move On    3:20
Ready For Your Love    4:58
Say The Word    3:41
Give Thanks    2:48