Sunday, September 6, 2015

Phajja: Meeting In The Ladies Room (Promo CDr) (Warner Bros, 1999)

When female vocal groups blew up in the late 90s, everybody seemed to just forget about this one. Their first album Seize The Moment had some degree of success in 1997 and was mostly known for its single So Long (Well Well Well.) While their first set had been pretty much ballad-heavy, they had been working on a follow-up that would've blown anything by Destiny's Child and even TLC out of the water. Sadly the group didn't have much luck with labels. Earlier on in their career deals with both Capitol Records and Arista Records
had already fallen through so it wasn't exactly a new predicament to them when Warner Bros. decided to shaft them for a third time around. Shelved after only one single, their second album featured production from a wide range of  writers & producers (not limited to) Mario Winans, Shari "Truth Hurts" Watson, Somethin' For The People, Eric Benet, Rich "Dutch" Cousin (Dru Hill) and Teddy Bishop (Toni Braxton.) It was true urban music - before the array of new producers capable of churning out pop hits for Britney Spears and N'Sync, before it crossed over with pop. Sadly the public slept on it and them. The excellent Checkin' For Me (produced by Mario Winans) went unnoticed and I don't think that Warner Bros. even bothered releasing it as anything other than a radio single in the end. Such a shame but they weren't to be the last unfortunately. A few years later they pulled the plug on another great project, Best Love Story by D'Mello...

Say It Ain't So 4:02
Checkin' For Me 4:19
Better Dayz 4:05
Don't Come Back 4:43
Shade 3:30
Slept 3:59
Hater 4:22
What's Going On 3:41
Anything 4:46
Why 3:41
It Must Be Love 4:13
My One & Only 5:05