Friday, September 25, 2015

GND: It's About Timing (MoSound Records, 2003)

An acronym for "Girls Next Door", another obscure indie R&B trio, this time out of Cleveland, OH. Sadly I don't know anything about them but I believe the label MoSound Records was responsible for a handful of other artists during the early 2000s including former 3rd Avenue singer Moe-P and rap artist Big Cee. The style of music is smooth urban-contemporary mixed with a little blues and funk. Quite enjoyable but unfortunately the producers didn't do a very good job of mixing it; many of the songs are different volumes and there are numerous glitches (although not overpowering) in the audio...

Crazy 4:13
Shame 3:23
Kiss & Tell 4:01
I Don't Think I Care 3:47
Trippin 5:12
Runnin Away 3:28 (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
Feelin You 4:06
The One 3:20
Kiss & Tell (T.V. Mix) 4:00
Shame (Instrumental) 3:21