Sunday, June 28, 2015

CoCo Short: Krazy 4 U (Co Sho Records Ltd., 200x)

More indie R&B from CA, this time the very first release from L.A.-based gospel artist and practicing minister CoCo Short. A smooth mix of G-Funk and contemporary R&B, it is not mentioned in her back catalog and almost impossible to find. No date of release but possibly post-2000s judging by the sound of some songs...

Intro 0:30
Coco Chun 3:32
Freaks Say Yeah 3:48
Crazy 4 U 3:40
Freaks In The House 4:29
Nobody But You 3:27
When U Get To Know Me 5:03
Naught Not Nasty (interlude) 0:44
I Like 3:43
Ima Gona Getcha 3:31
Somebody Else's Girl 3:50
Dedicated 4:30
Creep'in 3:37