Tuesday, August 25, 2015

XS: S/T (Sweettone Movies & Music, 2003)

Following in the footsteps of One Vo1ce and Epic Voices, here is a further Pinay R&B act from the Golden State. Incorporating more of a smooth R&B sound, they aren't quite as urban as Ora, but are certainly less poppy than One Vo1ce. If you liked the group Premiere in the 90s then it might possibly be your cup of tea. It is thus far the only thing they have done together.  

Waiting Fool 4:06
Each Tear I Cry 4:35
Don't Come Knockin' 4:02
Haterism 4:22
Chivalry 4:13
I Need A Romeo 3:34
Who Am I To You 4:11
Who's Is It 4:50
Catch 4:03
Feelin' Real Good 3:57
Just Because I Love You 4:14
Don't Slow It Down 4:38
It's You I Love 4:28
Ain't Rushin' It 3:39

Listen or buy here.