Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Traneen: Diary (Infinite records, 2000)

Mega rare smooth R&B from St. Louis, Missouri...usually goes for hundreds of dollars but I am extremely fortunate... The artist previously opened for MO rapper Domino and had been compared to both Lauryn Hill and Faith Evans but her career, unfortunately, was a short-lived one that never really made it beyond the far reaches of her home town.  Regardless, she did manage to hook up with Bobby Crawford (formally of the male R&B vocal group Ol' Skool) on track 4. Apparently the album did produce three singles Come On, Who's That and Feel It but these are all just as obscure. An amazing album from beginning to end.

I am unsure about the piano sample used in track 5 but I have heard it in at least one other song (Taste This from Mya's 2004 album Moodring.)

Intro 0:58
Come On feat. Ajule 4:34
Sum Lyke It feat. Payback & JT Smooth 5:05
It's On feat. Bobby Crawford 5:45
Do To You 4:43
Feel It 4:18
I Promise feat. Chocolate Tai 4:09
Since U Interlude 1:25
Who's That 4:36
Call Him 5:01
Handle It 5:03
Crazy 4:44
Fools 4:51
I'm Over You 4:12