Wednesday, August 19, 2015

T'Boo: No Limits [JP Retail] (Sun Brain, 1999)

Rare indie soul from out the UK and produced by the same people who remixed Mary J. Blige's 2002 song Dance For Me for the European market. A blend of R&B and G-Funk, the artist was contemporary enough to appeal to the urban-crossover market at the time and yet still retained an air of UK sophistication about her. Sadly, I don't know much about her but I believe she also went by the name Vianne at one point and released one single Rush Me on 12" vinyl. Her album was not released in the UK but can be found as a Japanese import...

Rush Me 4:53
Should I,Should I 4:17
U Ain't Da Ish 4:22
Diggy Down 4:41
U Didn't Want My Luv 1:04
No Limits 4:56
Holdin' Out On Me 4:37
Not Happy 4:45
Crazy 4:19
Lovin' Gesture 4:26
Keep On... 3:26
1-800 My Luv(Garage Mix) 5:30
U Ain't Da Ish(Club Dub) 4:22
Rush Me(Instrumental) 4:53